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Welcome to Online Blackjack Australia, if you’re interested in learning about online blackjack or you’re an experienced online blackjack player, Online Blackjack Australia caters for your needs. You’ll find comprehensive information from how to play online blackjack to the various strategies surrounding each game variant. As well as supplying game information, we also recommend where to safely play online. All online blackjack casinos have been robustly tested for their commitment to their members and their online security. Online Blackjack Australia is the premier online blackjack recourse built by Australians for Australians.

Recommended Online Blackjack Australian Casinos

Each casino listed below caters for Australians and provides a secure, entertaining online blackjack destination for its members as well as providing the most popular games available to play online. We only recommend destinations we have first-hand knowledge of, which means we have played for real money at each recommended online destination ourselves and we have met each listed partners representatives in person to make sure the best customer service standards are adhered too.

Established in 1997, Omni Casino is the 3rd oldest online casino and offers generous bonus offers, ongoing rewards and promotions and fast pay-outs on winnings. New and existing members can wager in Australian dollars and expect the highest level of support from the excellent customer’s service and VIP management departments.

Grand Reef Casino is a highly recommended online blackjack destination, as well as several different types of blackjack variations to choose from. Grand Reef offers all its new members a fantastic welcome bonus of $5000AUD, which is broken down over the initial 5 opening deposits. Grand Reef also offer its members a 24/48 hour withdrawal time.

A relative newcomer to the online gaming scene, Fly is backed by over 17 years of gaming experience from its parent company which also owns and operates Omni Casino. Enjoy the fresh exciting look of Fly Casino and take advantage of superior support and generous new player welcome bonuses in addition to attractive player loyalty rewards.

Game Variants

Blackjack is the most popular banking card game in the world. Based on its popularity, casinos as well as professional players have invented various card games based on the concept of traditional blackjack. The different game variants give the player extra wagering options, the ability to place side bets and more chances of splitting and doubling. Our section on games, reviews the most popular game variations for each reader to be able to make an informed decision on which blackjack variant to play. Playing online rather than at a land based location will guarantee each browser based player many more options when deciding which variant to play. Be it the thrills of Surrender, Switch, Double Attack or Double Exposure. We offer each of our site visitors detailed reviews right here.


Determine what action to take no matter what cards your dealt. Knowing the rules of the game is one thing, understanding the fundamentals of how blackjack is played lowers each player’s chance of losing by decreasing the house edge. Our strategy section gives information and insight into the various game strategies used by successful players. Discover basic game strategy and increase your house edge. As well as game strategy we also cover terminology used at the playing table, explore catchphrases used by the dealer which pinpoint certain cards. Gain knowledge of the basics card counting. Learn the odds and increase your winning hands. Read about certain recommended actions to take when dealt particular cards. Discover more about strategy here.

Playing Online

Interested in playing online? Join thousands of fellow enthusiasts who have found the convenience of playing their favourite games from the comfort of their own home. Enjoy the different types of game variants available, each supplying state of the art graphics and sound as well as tournament play and multiplayer games. Discover the numerous deposit and withdrawal options open to Australians. Depositing or withdrawing has never been so straight forward and secure. Find out which deposit method is the most convenient for you. Find out about online e-wallets and the most popular, secure way to transfer funds between your accounts here

How to create your online account

Our FAQ page gives step by step details of how to create your online account. This section is designed to give details of how to pick an entertaining, safe and secure online casino as well as give information on depositing and withdrawing your winnings to and from your cashier to your bank account or e-Wallet account. We encourage our site visitors to read our FAQ section and be mindful when deciding which online destination to deposit and play for real money at. There are hundreds of online destinations to wager at, some are more secure and responsible than others. Read more

Tablet and Smartphone Applications

With today’s increasing stride in remote technology in smartphones such as the Galaxy or iPhone or tablets such as the iPad. Software providers have been hard at work developing downloadable applications allowing their members to have remote access to their accounts. New and existing players now have the ability to login to their accounts from anywhere, lying on the beach on vacation, traveling to and from work or simply sat in front of the TV smartphone in hand. Playing online blackjack has never been more accessible.

The Beginnings of Blackjack and the Author of Don Quixote

Blackjack is a name that conjures up a myriad of images in our minds. We typically think of scenes of Las Vegas or perhaps of a Hollywood movie involving Las Vegas. But where does it come from? How did it come into being? What is its history? You'll have to cast your mind backwards a few hundred years to find those answers. An actual, academic historical record of the evolution does not exist, but there are references to earlier versions of blackjack that are known and are verifiable.
The first historic reference is by a Catholic priest in 1440 written down in Vatican records and then later on in a book by the legendary Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes, who is most well-known for his novel "Don Quixote". But there are no records as to who actually invented the game. Apparently Cervantes was a bit of a gambler and in his short story collection titled "Novelas Ejemplares", in the story "Rinconete y Cortadillo", Cervantes weaves a tale of two card sharps working to improve their lives in Seville. The story was written in either 1601 or 1602 and references the game they played called "Ventiuna", which is Spanish for twenty-one. Cervantes describes the object of the game as trying to get to 21 without going over and the ace being worth 11 or 1. Sound familiar? This would confirm that the game of 21 has existed since the end of the 16th century or beginning of the 17th century in Europe.

So it the Spanish or the French that Invented Blackjack?

There is some conjecture that it may have been derived from or given birth to a similar game in Spain called One & Thirty, which was basically the same idea only reaching 31 instead of 21. Again, because no real records were kept regarding unimportant aspects of popular culture like games of chance (the church or universities sponsored by the crown had people who could read and write and they didn't record the small lives of commoners) we may never know for sure.

There is another theory that it came from France in the casinos about 1700 and it was called "Vingt-et-Un" which, when translated means Twenty-One and evolved from the French games of "Chemin de Fer", and "Ferme", which were very popular then. One more theory points to an ancient Roman origin in which a version of the game was played with wooden blocks (instead of a deck of cards) which had numerical values assigned to them, but few give this theory much credence favoring either the French or Spanish origins around 1700.

The game of 21 became very popular in Europe at the time. Part of the reason for its success (it is thought by social scientists) is that you had choices to make during the game play and thus the game was not all chance. There was skill involved.

21 Crosses the Atlantic to America

The exact date that Vingt-et-Un came to America is uncertain, but a safe bet is that it came over with the French in the 1700's to New France which was lost to the British in a series of wars and became part of Canada and America. And it wasn't long before the game of Vingt-et-Un became known by its English name of Twenty-One. Twenty-One became very popular in the US in its gambling houses. And probably for the same reasons that it was popular in Europe for all those years. It gave the players a sense of choice and thus power relative to mere chance. And to help drum up business the gambling houses (read, primitive casinos) used to offer bonuses in the game. One such bonus was possessing the Ace of Spades and either the Jack of Clubs or Spades, which became known as a blackjack. And as you well know it didn't take long for the nickname to stick, thus Twenty-One became also known as Blackjack to some.

Blackjack Moves into the 20th Century

The game seemed to be referred to mostly as Twenty-One when it hit Nevada in 1931 and a marriage made in heaven was born when they made gambling regulated and legal there. It did not take long for the casinos of the day to recall their history lessons regarding specials and offer up the bonus on a black Ace. The name travelled the way of the meme and the game became Blackjack (though the casinos later dropped the bonus angle). Over the next 30 or so years players came to Nevada to play and being people of a more ingenious kind (as serious card players usually are) they put their minds to giving themselves an edge in the game. Of course you had people of the more crude criminal variety who tried to cheat, but the people running the casinos were not stupid and these people were usually caught quickly, but no one saw the card player with a knack for memorization and mathematics coming along when he did.

Smart Players with Mathematics Skills

There have been numerous claims at who was the first to come up with card counting, but it was not until the 1957 book "Playing Blackjack to Win" that it written about. Now, this book really didn't capture the imagination of the public or the casinos. Perhaps it just wasn't marketed very well or the public wasn't ready to hear about it, but they did listen in 1962 when another book came out titled "Beat the Dealer".

Edward O. the primitive computers of the day figured out that you could keep track of the cards and gain an advantage and documented his findings in the legendary book Beat the Dealer. This time the book on card counting was in the right place at the right time and became a New York Times bestseller. Everyone was hitting the road to the casinos of Nevada in an attempt to beat the game. The casinos had a collective heart attack.

The casinos fought back by dropping single deck games and implemented two and four deck games. This evolved into a back and forth game between the casinos and the really smart, mathematically inclined players. System upon system came and went as each was tried, started winning and was countered by the casinos. And in a way the casinos couldn't be happier. Blackjack and the casinos were suddenly big news and thus were very popular.

Over the years the back and forth game continues with the casinos introducing security measures for every trick that they become aware of. Tricks like databases of known counters, security cameras and specially trained personnel whose job it is, is to seek out the counters. For every leap forward that one side makes, the other side attempts to counter. But then again, isn't that just a healthy competitiveness between opposing sides of a business arena?

Live Gaming

Technology now provides internet users with far greater speeds than ever before. Dial up connections seem a far distant memory as fibre optic cable connections become a minimum standard across most parts of Australia. Online blackjack players benefit from this since they are able to play without loss of connection or any lag. Based on the new speeds and bandwidth we have all now gotten used to, Operators have also be able to provide a new channel of games. Live dealer games have been available for quite a few years now, they are based on a human croupier dealing cards in real time via a video stream. Players who select to play live blackjack are connected to the video stream which shows a blackjack table and the dealer, the same as you would see in a land based casino. The blackjack player is then prompted to place his or hers bet at which point the dealer starts dealing cards. If there’s more than one player playing at the table the dealer will normally use a 10 second count down timer which gives everyone playing a ten second window to decide the relevant action to take, bet, fold, split or double.