Blackjack Games

Blackjack is part of a large family of traditional card games which are mostly played recreationally, a lot of these games have not been adapted as wagering casino games however the casino industry has over the years developed different blackjack variants to capitalize on the popularity of traditional blackjack.

Most of the different types of online blackjack are quite similar, what separates them is the ability to place wagers on different actions, being able to swap cards to form the best hands.

In this section we review the most popular blackjack games the concept, the rules and where to play them.

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There are other blackjack variants which are not played online such as French and German blackjack the French version called, Vingt-et-un which is French for 21 and the German version which is called Siebzehn und Vier, German for 17 and 4 does not allow the splitting of cards and the ace only counts for 11 however getting two aces amounts to the player or banker getting 21. The British version of blackjack or 21 is called Pontoon. Pontoon is played with regular 52 card decks and uses terms such as twist and stick rather than hit and stand.

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