Blackjack Surrender option

What happened to the surrender option?  One of the most powerful features given to a blackjack player is one that has mostly been abolished by regular casinos based on blackjack players not using it, and the powerful feature is the surrender option. Maybe it’s because most people playing blackjack have become very aggressive they have forgotten that when the house has the edge they can opt to surrender and claim back half of their stake.

Well the good news is surrender is not dead. It does exist but not in your local land based casino. Most online casinos have a blackjack variant called blackjack surrender.

How does Blackjack Surrender work?

Firstly place your stake on the number of hands you want to play, normally the minimum bet is $1 to $300. Then hit the deal button, you will then receive two cards per hand you are playing. The dealer will then tell you you’re totals for each hand you are playing and at this point you will be asked which action you would like to perform on each hand. If you would like to hit, stand, double or surrender. Surrendering will give you 50% of your stake back however you will forfeit the hand even if the house (dealer) pulls over twenty one. It’s a perfect way of working your hands until you get the cards you want without inflicting too much damage on your bankroll.

Blackjack surrender is a very popular form of online blackjack and it’s available in most Australian online casinos most of which have six or seven different online blackjack variants such as blackjack switch, which allows the player to switch cards over two or three boxes to make the strongest hands. 21 duel blackjack is a straight forward fast paced form of traditional blackjack. First you place an ante bet, then come you two cards, the first one is dealt face up and the second one is dealt face down. The dealer will then be dealt two face down cards after which there are two extra cards dealt which are both face up, these are the community cards, the player chooses one community card and then decides to either hit or stand, if the player opts to stand then the face down card will be discarded, if you hit the face down card will be turn over and its value added the players overall value. If the players overall value is higher than twenty one then the player is bust. Read more about blackjack game variants.

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