Spanish 21

Spanish 21 vs Traditional Blackjack

Spanish 21 online blackjackThe differences between traditional blackjack and Spanish 21 are few. Spanish 21 does have more advantages to the player than traditional   blackjack however. For example getting 21 means you will always win not matter what the dealers cards are, doubling a three card 11 is also an option or even getting a pay out on a 7 card 21. Spanish 21 has a lower house edge based on the player having more options.


So how do you play Spanish 21?

Firstly the deck of cards used is a normal deck of 52 cards but 4 tens are removed thus having 48 playable cards. The removal of the 4 ten cards gives the house a 2% extra edge, most Spanish 21 tables either use 6 or 8 decks of cards.

Doubling Down in Spanish 21

Players playing Spanish 21 have the option to double down on any number of cards. Players can then have the option of re-doubling as well as surrendering. As well as having numerous wagering options, getting certain hands also pays the player, similar to that of getting blackjack in the traditional game.


Pay Table

  • Five Card 21 pays 3/2
  • Six Card 21 pays 2/1
  • Seven Card 21 pays 3/1

Note: Doubling down cancels the all bonuses however splitting cards is still falls within the bonus rules and the player will be awarded the bonus.

Spanish 21 Super Bonus.

A super bonus is awarded to a player is he/she gets three suited 7’s and the dealer’s first card is a 7. If the player is wagering under $25 they will be awarded $1000, if the wager is over $25 then player is awarded $5000. If there are more people playing at the same table, all other players are awarded a $50 bonus called ‘envy bonuses’

Note: Splitting or Doubling cancels the super bonus

Side Bets in Spanish 21

Spanish 21 also has a side bet option called Match the Dealer. Match the dealer is simply matching cards with the dealers up card. Matching the dealers up card pays 4/1 if the table is using 6 decks, if the table is using 8 decks the player is awarded 3/1. A perfect match of number and suit pays 9/1 on a 6 deck table and 12/1 on an 8 deck table. A player wagering on Match the Dealer can win both the match and the perfect match. For example if the player has a 9 of diamonds and a 9 of clubs and the dealers up card is a 9 of clubs. The player would be awarded 3/1 for matching the 9 and a further 12/1 for matching the suit, so the player would essentially pick up a win based on 15/1 odds.