Blackjack Odds 101

Understanding the wagering odds in online blackjack is as important to understanding the rules in blackjack. Some new players might be a little flustered trying to understand blackjack odds and probability but it’s important to understand based on the game of blackjack having few outcomes.

The best online blackjack players don’t concern themselves with single hands, they play each shoe based on probability and odds. Online Blackjack provides some of the best odds of any online casino game once the online blackjack player has an understanding of how odds and probability work.

A good blackjack player understands what’s happening overall not just what cards are being dealt in that particular hand, understanding the dealers probability to go bust gives the player information on how to play his or hers hand in every game. The common mistake new blackjack players make is thinking the goal is to hit blackjack or twenty one on every hand, this is a mistake. The goal is simply to beat the dealer. If the shoe contains on deck of fifty two cards the odds of a getting a six is 4/52 the most recurring card in online blackjack is a picture card or a ten which all have the same value, there’s 16 chances out of 52 that the next card will value ten or more so remembering how many picture cards have been folded from previous hands gives the player an indication on how many are left which then gives the player an edge over the dealer based on the fact that the dealer cannot pull cards if his total is 17 or over. So for example 15 picture cards have been used in previous hands then dealers face up card is a picture, it’s safe to say that the next card the dealer pulls won’t be a value of ten.

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