Multi-hand Blackjack

Multi-hand Blackjack

Blackjack is the most popular online casino game of all time, favourable to players due to the advantageous odds and the low house edge. There are so many strategies and techniques that aim at reducing the house edge even further. Casinos on the other hand are inventing new ways to attract new customers and retain the current customers.

In an environment which is highly volatile, the party that comes up with the best product is the one that ultimately wins the hearts of fans. One feature that was created for this sole purpose is Multi-hand Blackjack.

Multi-hand blackjack is a blackjack variation where players are allowed to play multi hands at the same time.

How to Play Multi-hand Blackjack

This variation of blackjack that allows individual players to play several hands at the same time. Players have the option of playing anything between two hands to five hands. Players choose the number of hands before the game starts.

Since it is a multi-hand, players must place multi-bets. Typically, the players bet an equal number of bets as the number of hands i.e. a bet for every hand. Players can place different bets for the different hands. The dealer issues two cards for every active hand and two cards for the house; a face up and a face down card.

After this stage, the game proceeds just like a normal game of blackjack. After playing one card, the player moves to the next card until they finish playing all active cards. The dealer will then reveal his face down card and if necessarily deal himself another card.

Each hand is treated separately. Assuming you are playing five hands, each hand will be treated as a separate player. The player can then lose and win with certain hands. The results of one hand don’t influence the results of other hands.

Advantages of Multi-hand Blackjack

Most players ignore the advantages of multi-hand blackjack. We are of the belief that the blackjack variation gives players better opportunities to win since the variation offers players two clear strategic advantages.

  • You are not limited to time. You. In this variation will have adequate time to analyse and organize your bet.
  • It makes progressive betting easy. Since you have five hands, you can implement a progressive bet within a single round. After one hand, you can decide whether to double your bet on a favourable hand or not.