Famous Movies

Famous Movies

Like all other popular games, blackjack has quite a loyal following. Blackjack scenes have strong presences in fictional works such as plays, books and movies. Regardless of the passion you have for blackjack, by the time you are done viewing this list you will find something to add to your collection of all-time favorites and either foster or reignite your interest for the wonderful table game.

Don’t be fooled by the movies, they may make the game appear simpler than it is, after all it is Hollywood. It is a two and a half hours script. All in all, you will still learn a thing or two. Based on popularity and box office ranking, here is our list of the most famous Blackjack movies;


21 (2008)

This is the undisputed King of all Blackjack movies ever to be made. 21 is a 2008 non-fictional film based on a true story. The story is about 5 MIT students who learn card counting strategies and go ahead to win millions of dollars in Las Vegas casinos. The Movie is based on the book (don’t even think of saying the book was better) Bringing Down the House, by one the MIT Five, Ben Mezrich.

Although 21 is based on a true story, it still has a touch of Hollywood, which adds an element of fiction to the movie. One, they make the strategies look easier than they really are. This can be misleading to newbies and unexperienced players. Second, they movie has outright blackjack errors here and there.

The movie forms a good entertainment piece that will keep you glued for one and three-quarters hours. However, this movie is not informational and thus it should be solely for entertainment purposes. It is inspirational and a nice motivational tool for blackjack starters.


60 Minutes to Winning Blackjack (2005)

This movie/documentation is a must watch for beginners. 60 Minutes to Winning Blackjack is an informational and instructional movie on Blackjack. It will lead you from the very basics of the game to professional techniques such as card counting. If you don’t like reading (sorry for making you read this) this movie will be a good way to understand blackjack.

This movie features tried and tested strategies in blackjack. It will be a great tool to gaining playing confidence as well as give you some nice practice exercises at the end of the movie. All in sixty seconds as promised.


Rain Man (1988)

Rain Man is another Hollywood film that will make a good entertainment piece while employing a blackjack theme and game features. The movie stars two brothers, Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. Hoffman has a good memory but he’s autistic. Tom takes him to the blackjack table and they both have great success counting cards in the casinos until they get caught counting cards.

There are several other blackjack movies that didn’t feature in this list but offer some good informational and entertainment. Check out some of them; The Last Casino (2004), Essential Blackjack – A guide for players and dealers (2006), Croupier (1998) and Runner Runner (2013).