Multiplayer Tables

The game of Blackjack can be traced back to the 17th century. It has grown over time to become the most popular banking casino game. Even the simplest of casinos will have a blackjack table. But now in this age of fast microprocessors and fast internet, Blackjack has been taken to newer heights.

The blackjack tournament has grown in popularity throughout the online gaming industry. Blackjack tournament have a simple strategy; players login to their favorite casino tournaments and fight to win more money than fellow players. Sounds simple?

Blackjack is a game that combines risk taking and skills. It is more of a strategy game than a game of chance. In the conventional game of blackjack, the player is competing against the dealer only. The outcome of other players in the same table doesn’t affect the outcome of the individual player. The blackjack tournament is the exact opposite.

The aim of the tournament is not win more chips than other players on the table. In this scenario you not only have the dealer to deal with but you must also factor in the number of chips you have against those of your opponents on the table.

Before every tournament, players make a defined tournament fee. Each player is given a specific number of chips. These chips cannot be exchange for cash in the cage since they are special tournament chips used to keep track of the tournament progress.

As the game progresses, the players with fewer chips will be dropped out as those with more chips advance to later stages. The priority is to survive the early stages. You might be forced to take some bold measure to ensure you make it to the final stage.

The chip leaders make it to the final blackjack table- Top six players in number of chips. The winner of the final table is the overall winner and will get a defined amount of money (not necessarily the money they’ve won in the tournament).

Blackjack is a game of variation. One popular variation of the blackjack tournament is the Elimination tournament. In this game the player with the lowest count of chips is eliminated after a pre-set number of rounds.

The game will continue until we have a last man standing. In this variation, players that bust are allowed to buy their way back in. From a professional point of view, the player who bets most chips in this elimination will most likely emerge the winner. Going all in is beneficial since it forces other players to play catch up throughout the tournament.

The other major difference in tournament blackjack is the presence of the dealer button. In traditional blackjack, cards are dealt in the same order round the table. In a tournament, being able to place your bet after everyone is advantageous. To keep it things fair, there is a dealer button that moves around the table in a clockwise direction after every hand. It alters the order in which players take their turn.

Regardless of where you are playing from, either in an online casino or your favorite land based casino in Sydney, blackjack tournament will be fun and will reward handsomely. It might be challenging at first but with time, you get to learn all the important strategies in Blackjack.